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Merry Christmas!

If I were good with graphics, you’d see some here; since I’m not, a simple Merry Christmas! will have to do.

December 27-31 there will be a store wide pre-inventory sale: 10% off your total purchase, including previously reduced items. Closed for an old fashioned hand count inventory (followed by a few days for my brain to recover from dealing with all the numbers) from noon on December 31-January 9, re-opening January 10.


Shop Hours on Christmas Eve Day?

With Christmas Eve on Saturday this year, I’m debating what hours the shop should be open that day.

Not at all cause everyone will either be on their way out of town or spending the day doing family things?

Regular hours cause a lot of husbands/boyfriends/friends will need to rush in to buy last minute gift certificates for loved ones?

9-Noon to give the late shoppers a chance but also reserve some time for myself?

Rain & Dreary Weather

Rainy, dreary weather the past couple of days but several people found their way into the shop in spite of the weather. I’m glad cause I really don’t like sitting there alone all day like I must do sometimes. I’ve just placed an order to replenish the Caron Simply Soft and am contemplating additional orders to other suppliers; what do you want to see, or see more of, in the shop? The sock yarn is getting a bit picked over but there are still a lot of balls of it on the shelves. I do still have some of the original Peaches & Creme cotton left in balls but only one cone of it, a yellow variegated. I have a few cones of the double worsted Peaches & Creme that is good for rugs. Still trying to decide what to do about replenishing the cotton due to its popularity and have ordered a color card for Sugar & Cream which I would have to buy through a “secondary supplier” since I cannot place large enough orders to satisfy the mill it comes from.

Currently on my needles: the second of a pair of slippers for my youngest granddaughter for Christmas and a cowl for another granddaughter. Finished: the mitts to match the cowl, a cowl & mitts set for my daughter in law, a half dozen children’s caps for charity. No current crochet projects; I did crochet a couple of hostess gifts during the Thanksgiving weekend and immediately gave them to my hostess. Need to be thinking about what to make after I finish the cowl; most likely a crochet project but I can’t decide just what I want to do. I do think I’ll knit more of the slippers like the ones currently on needles, a pair for myself and maybe some more gift pairs.

Hey, It Is December Already!

Where has this year gone? I’m not ready for it to end yet. I do have most of my Christmas gift knitting & crocheting done, though, so shouldn’t run into problems finishing gift projects on time this year. Still on the needles: a pair of slippers for youngest granddaughter and a Heart’s Desire Cowl still to be knitted for teenage granddaughter. I started the cowl a couple of days ago but didn’t like the way it was coming out so frogged it this morning and will probably cast on with different needles tomorrow. Oh, and youngest also wants a new pair of mittens so I’ll see if I can get them done by Christmas too.

I’m thinking about a year end inventory reduction sale between Christmas & New Year’s Eve so stay tuned for details on that. If I continue to feel better, I may even be able to start extending my hours by then and perhaps be open into the evening part of that week.

Shop Closed Thursday, Oct 6

I’m still dealing with fatigue and simply don’t have the energy necessary to get dressed and come downtown today. I really miss being at the shop but there are times when I just can’t manage it. Am hoping that resting today will enable me to be there tomorrow and Saturday.

Mark your calendars

Mark your calendar, request vacation time, whatever it is you need to do to be able to attend Knitting in the Heartland 2012. This event, held in even numbered years in the Kansas City metro area, is sponsored by the Sunflower Knitters Guild and the 2012 date is April 14-15. Details are still pending but there will be classes and a marketplace. Keynote speaker will be author, knitter and yarn designer Franklin Habit. Watch my Events page for further details.

Memories of Minneapolis

Maybe not a great heading since I really didn’t see much of Minneapolis but that is where the summer Knit & Crochet Show was held this year. I know there were some knitters there somewhere but I didn’t see many of them. I signed up for the Professional Development Day sponsored by the CGOA (Crochet Guild of America) and all the classes I took were crochet ones. I also attended a lunch meeting of the Cyber Chapter of cgoa and the CGOA Annual Meeting. Some of the greats and near-greats of the crochet and knitting worlds I spent time with at the show were, in no particular order: Ellen Gormley, Margaret Hubert, Vickie Howell, Lily Chin, Marty Miller, Pauline Turner (from England), Karen Ratto-Whooley. Some of others who were there but I didn’t get to spend time with were Edie Eckman, Tracie Barrett, Gwen Bortner, Joan Davis, Melissa Leapman, Margaret Fisher.

One of my best memories from the conference is sitting with Margaret Hubert during some down time during which she offered to help a few of us with the bullion stitch. Now I need to practice it on something before I forget what she taught me. Maybe I can figure out a way to use it for the swap project I really, really need to get started crocheting.

If you’re interested in information about the fall Knit & Crochet Show in Greensboro, NC during September, just click on either the TKGA or CGOA emblem along the right side of this page and it will take you to the Knitting Guild Association or the Crochet Guild of America where full information is posted. Next year’s conferences are also mentioned; the summer one will be in Manchester, NH just before July 4 and the fall one will be in Reno, NV in mid-September.

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