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Shop Closed July 20, 2012

I’m not feeling well today, think it is just the heat but not taking any chances. Hope to be back tomorrow.

I frogged the w h o l e thing!

I’m on a roll. First I throw away yarn then I frog a 10″ x 50″ two-color Brioche stitch scarf and start over. Why? Well, the bind off seemed tight although I went up 2 needle sizes to do it, then I saw a dropped half stitch about 2″ down that was very noticeable and I knew there was another, less noticeable, error about 10″ back. So I frogged it and started over on US size 9 needles; used size 10 the first time but I knit so loosely it looked a bit sloppy. Am not even going to worry about lifelines this time as they don’t work well in this process but will check each row (or pair of rows) as I finish them so tinking will be a possiblity if I mess it up. I’m comfortable with the stitch process now so think the scarf will come out much better this time around.

Can hardly believe it

I can hardly believe what I just did. Are you prepared for this? I threw away yarn. gasp! It was a bit traumatic but at the same time cathartic. Granted it was primarily odd balls of left over no-name acrylic from the 1970s that had been buried in a box for years but it was still yarn. Also found a couple of balls of nicer yarn I’ve never used that I think I’ll put in the $1 basket at the shop. One is suede and the other is a wool/alpaca blend that I have wound into a ball but don’t remember what I intended to knit with it.

Closing Early on Tuesdays

I’m taking part in a series of wellness conferences at the Cancer Center and will be closing at 1:00 on Tuesdays to get there on time. This series runs through March 20.

Closing Early Tuesday, Feb. 14

The shop will be closing at 1:00 today so I can attend a wellness seminar at Via Christi. Today’s topic is Get Back to Wellness, Take Control. Since I often feel like my life is out of control I hope this helps me get back on track.

What a Gloomy Day

We have had such a mild winter to date I shouldn’t be complaining – but I hate gloomy weather. If it is going to rain, let the rain come down; if not, let the sun shine. Guess I just need to turn on the high intensity light and sit with my back to the windows while I knit or crochet something fun. I have a couple more chemo hats I want to get done so I can go turn several in to the Cancer Center at the same time. There is also a sock half done which really wants to join its mate in the dresser drawer.

Shop Closed Friday, Jan 27

My cold is getting worse, not better, so I decided to take a day off and try to get over the worst of it. I really don’t need to be sharing my germs either; although I try to be stingy with them it is sometimes difficult to contain the little devils.

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