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Home Again

Home from Minneapolis; once my brain has rested up a bit I’ll share some of my activities while at the CGOA Chain Link Conference. It was a lot of fun, very energizing, and also very tiring. I do have some errands to do tomorrow then will probably try to rest a bit and will be back in the shop on Tuesday. Come on by and say Hi!

Knit & Crochet Show

Here I am in Minneapolis for the Knit & Crochet Show which features fun and educational events for crocheters and knitters and a huge marketplace where we can feed our addictions for fibers and fiber related tools / products. The weather is gorgeous too.

Today I attended an all day event which included discussions on showstopping designs, use of social media, building our own websites, learning to diagram crochet stitch patterns, and a number of other topics. The energy in the room was really wonderful and left me wishing I could attend similar events about 4 times a year.

There will be another Knit & Crochet show in Greensboro, NC in late September and next year’s shows will be in New Hampshire in early July and in Reno, NV in mid-September. If you would like further information about these events, please stop by the shop soon to talk about them or send me a message. I’ll be back in the shop on my regular schedule next week.

Half Used Up

Good Day! Today is July 1 so this year is half used up. Several times this morning I’ve asked myself if the list of things I wanted to accomplish this year is also half done. I’m having trouble coming up with an answer, maybe because so much of the year so far has revolved around health issues and I can’t even remember if I ever bothered to make a list for the year, not a list of Resolutions but just a list of Intentions. If I didn’t make a list, how do I know whether I’m half done or not? Is your list of things to do this year half done? What about your Christmas projects? Didn’t you say last year that you were going to start earlier this year so you wouldn’t be rushed in the busy few weeks leading up to the holiday? I haven’t even made my Christmas list yet so I know I’m not half done with it.

How far can I take this “half done” thing? How about this: my house is half cleaned and the laundry is half done, the dishwasher has been run and the dishes are clean but not put away yet so the dishes are half done too. The yard isn’t half mowed though and it is too hot to go out and work on it; maybe tonight a little before dark I could do the front but not the backyard so the mowing would also be half done.

On the business side, my day at the shop is more than half used up and I’m trying to decide what to do about tomorrow – – Saturdays I usually try to be here from 10:00-3:00 but on the Saturday of a holiday weekend I rarely have any business and there usually isn’t even anyone else (except maybe the folks at Sears) downtown. My reasoning goes along the lines of: if I come in, there will be no traffic and I’ll just waste money running the air conditioner but if I close, someone will come by with a relative or friend from out of town who wanted to buy something and they will be upset I’m not here. What to do? Will be back to post something when I finally make the decision.

Ok, need to review those yarn orders that are half decided upon and maybe finish some of the bookkeeping that is only half done.

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