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Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year! to one and all, and may it be a prosperous one too.

As I sit here on New Year’s Eve letting memories of the past year play through my mind and thinking about the coming year it occurs to me that the first day of a new year and the first hour of a new day have several things in common but most of all they both offer a fresh start. The fact I overate last year or yesterday doesn’t mean I have to do it again this new year/this new day. Or that my self-discipline failed when it came to housework, or organizing & filing papers away, or any number of other things last year or yesterday doesn’t mean I can’t start over this new year and/or this new day.

New Year’s Resolutions.
1) Practice different methods of joining motifs with the goal of overcoming my dislike of making things in pieces and having to put them together to have a finished project.
2) Be the instrument of getting at least 50 military helmet liners and/or scarves to our troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. At this time about a dozen are in the works.
3) Make some progress on the other charity project I started last summer.
4) Clean and organize my home one room (or one section of a room) at a time then keep it orderly. I know I’ll feel better if I can master this.
5) Do a better job of staying in touch with my friends. Too often I’ve thought I will call or email this or that friend “later”, “tonight”, “tomorrow”; I need to start doing it “now” cause life isn’t much without friends and they need to know they are thought of and appreciated.
6) Keep a personal journal. I am a believer in the benefits of journaling but just haven’t made a habit of doing it regularly.

How many resolutions are enough, or too many? I think if I can master these six I will be a better, healthier person and next year might shoot for seven things. And should I fail at one or more, I can always start over – that is what the New Day is for.

Snow Day Repeated

Monday: Snow Day Repeated — travel is still very treacherous in my neighborhood and I realized most folks wouldn’t expect me to be there today since I’m not usually open on Monday so I’m going to stay home again where I’m safe and warm. Unless we get another storm, I will be in tomorrow.

Saturday: I’m giving myself a snow day today and staying home where it is warm & dry. I was out for a few minutes this morning and those residential streets are still treacherous. Although I’m not usually open on Mondays, weather permitting, I’ll be in this Monday from 10-5.

Local Yarn Shops’ National Helmet Liner Day

Join with knitters and crocheters all over the United States on Tuesday, December 29 as we knit helmet liners for our military personnel serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. A free pattern is available at Yarn Basket or you may find one here. You may join me in knitting helmet liners at the shop Tuesday between 10:30 and 5:00 or may stop by for a copy of the pattern and supplies. There has been an issue with the fit of crocheted liners so Citizen SAM is now suggesting that crocheters who wish to contribute to keeping our military members warm crochet a wool scarf. These liners and scarves must be made from 100% wool in specified colors. Appropriate wool yarns to be used for this project are being offered at a discount from December 28-31.

I’m still hoping to identify the appropriate contact to be able to send our helmet liners to troops from our area. If there is sufficient interest in this project, it will become an ongoing effort so if your schedule doesn’t allow you to join us for this event, please contact me to let me know of your interest and to help select the next helmet liner workshop date.

Thinking of Spring

Yes, I know it isn’t even Christmas yet but I just received information about the spring fiber festival in the Dallas Ft. Worth area in April and am dreaming of attending. Is anyone else interested? More information on the Events page.

My rep from Universal Yarn is due in this afternoon and she may have some new spring stuff to show me. I noticed the price list I received from the company recently has a new sock yarn of which I’m hoping to see samples.

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