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County Fair is July 29-Aug 1

The Crawford County Fair is coming – what fun! I’ll be out at the fairgrounds most of opening day on Wednesday. Had hoped Dianne would be here to mind the shop for me but last I heard she might not arrive until afternoon. If you’re thinking of coming by the shop that day, please call first to make sure we’re open.

In My Basket

The last couple of weeks I’ve had several things “in my basket”. Since finishing my crochet hook holder

Crochet Hook Holder with Loop for Scissors

Crochet Hook Holder with Loop for Scissors

I’ve crocheted the two halves of a heart shaped pillow, just need to stitch it together and stuff it.
Heart Pillow half

Other current projects are a crocheted shawl, knitted socks, a knitted lacy scarf, a crocheted ripple afghan and getting ready to start another rug – before the first one is quite finished. Um, think maybe I’m suffering from a case of Startitis?

Welcome to Four State Farm Show Attendees

I’d like to welcome the vendors and attendees who will be coming to the area for the annual Four State Farm Show to be held just southeast of Pittsburg off Highway 171 Friday through Sunday, July 17-19. To make it easier for you to visit me, I’m adjusting my hours for Friday and Saturday. I’ll be here from Noon to 7:00 p.m. both days so go enjoy the Farm Show events in the morning while the weather is still cooler then come see me in the afternoon or early evening hours and enjoy my air conditioning. Mention being in town for the Farm Show and receive a 10% discount on your entire purchase.

May Open Late July 11

I may be a bit late getting to the shop on Saturday, July 11. It is the only day the city “burn site” will be open to the public to drop off downed tree limbs and I really need to get rid of some. And they’re only open until noon so I need to do it in the morning. Will be in as soon as I can.

July 3 & I’m lonely!

It is nearly 3:00 p.m. and so far only one person has been in the shop today – she came right after I opened at 10. Traffic on the street outside has also slowed to “holiday” tempo but I’m afraid to close & head on home just in case someone has a yarn emergency for the coming weekend. I definitely won’t be here tomorrow.

At least the weather is more pleasant that I expected this morning. Rain started during the night and quit just before I came downtown. Now there are clear skies and a bit of a breeze.

Update: ok, I did it! I closed a little early and came home.

Several Crochet Projects Finished

Yesterday and today have been days for finishing things. Yesterday afternoon I finished the Laptop Tote I’ve been dreaming about for several months and actually working on for about a week. I wanted something that would be comfortable to carry against my body in hot weather as well as mild and large enough to hold my laptop and a day’s necessities when I walk to the shop. The resulting bag is 100% cotton in double worsted weight from Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co., Inc., in Chocolate accented with Mocha Swirls. Since I’m not always careful where I put my bags down, the washabilty of the yarn is a definite plus.

Laptop Tote

Laptop Tote

I’ve also finished a pair of can cozies and a crochet hook holder to use on my project table at the shop. In the next few days I plan to add a small dish to set beside the hook holder for the odds and ends I’m constantly reaching for, like stitch markers, measuring tape, and small post-it notes.

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Stacks of brightly colored dishcloths I've crocheted
Listening to my granddaughter giggle

"When the dog bites
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When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad."
~ Maria in the Sound of Music

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