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Hello, Girard!

Are you interested in having a knit/crochet group meet locally on a regular basis?  Come meet me and talk about it at the Raymond Community Home, 301 S Osage, on Thursday, April 16, 6:30 – 8:30.  My vision is for a group to form which would meet socially to work on crochet and/or knit projects — other fiber based crafts need not be excluded but my expertise lies in these two areas. Programs could be arranged – or not – depending on the wishes of members of the group.  If you knit, or crochet, or would like to learn to do either or have another portable fiber-related craft you would like to work on socially, plan to come by on the 16th or contact me at the shop if Thursdays are not good for you but you would like to be involved.

Occasions to Celebrate

Just an early heads up: Yarn Basket will be closed Saturday, May 16. My daughter will be receiving her A.S. degree at a community college about a 3 hour drive away and I want to be there when she walks the walk that afternoon. Can you blame me? 🙂

Other occasions to celebrate ~ March is National Crochet Month, come on by Yarn Basket this Sunday afternoon for some goodies, both edible and crochetable. April marks Yarn Basket’s second anniversary in Pittsburg. Right now all I’m saying is come celebrate with me on April 4. Interchangeable knitting needle sets from HiyaHiya are scheduled for delivery in April — there is still time to preorder a set at a special price.

WWKIP {World Wide Knit In Public} Day is Saturday, June 13. Anyone interested in knitting (or crocheting) in public that day?

Alpaca Show in KC, MO

While surfing the net recently, I found a link to the Midwest Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association advertising an alpaca show open free to the public on March 27-29 at the American Royal / Hale Arena in Kansas City.  More information can be found here. I think this would be a really fun day trip.

UPS brought me a box yesterday!

And here is what was in it:

A serving of sock yarn

A serving of sock yarn

Sock yarns from Universal.  Two colors of Marathon (100 gr balls), two colors of Pace (50 gr balls), and three colors of Ditto (50 gr balls – a 4th color is currently on order).


Linen and Linen/Cotton Blend

Linen and Linen/Cotton Blend

Rose colored 100% linen in 50 gr hands; Pink diamond 50% Linen / 50% cotton in 50 gr hanks.


Classic Worsted Impressions

Classic Worsted Impressions

Classic Worsted Impressions, an acrylic/wool blend in the colorway Easter Gift (pink, blue, yellow, green) in 100 gr / 197 yd balls.


I’m so excited ~ I can hardly wait to stary “playing” with it.

Location & Hours:

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Pittsburg, KS


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A Few of My Favorite Things:

Knitting Lace & Lace Knitting
Crocheting Shawls
Knitting Socks
Stacks of brightly colored dishcloths I've crocheted
Listening to my granddaughter giggle

"When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad."
~ Maria in the Sound of Music

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