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On Hooks & Needles Today

I see I need to be more regular with my posting.  Since I was here last, I finished the Sweetheart Baby Afghan:

Sweetheart Baby Afghan

Sweetheart Baby Afghan

It took almost a month but was certainly worth the effort.  Next time, though, I’ll use a larger hook.  This one was made with Peaches & Creme worsted weight in colors 47 Pink and 94 Deep Red on a Size 4.5 mm hook (between a G & H).  I really think I might use an I/5.5mm for this weight cotton or might use the mercerized cotton and an H/5.0mm hook.

Yesterday I experimented with Illusion Knitting by making an Easter Egg Dishcloth and have found a bunny rabbit illusion pattern from the same designer I may try today.  Since I got in this morning, I crocheted a “marshmallow bunny”.  Am also working on a crocheted shawl using Fino from Alpaca with a Twist and a size E/3.5mm hook .  Since I’m testing this pattern for someone else, it will be a while before I can post a photo of the shawl.  In the past few days I’ve sent out two more Friendship Scarves and have one I’ve done my share on but holding until a week or so before forwarding it so as not to overwhelm the next person in line to work on it.

My 2-at-a-time socks are languishing on the needles – mainly because I keep forgetting I started them.  There are a few other projects sitting around for much the same reason; hey, they’re still WIPs if I at least pick them up every week or so, right??  They don’t become UFOs or abandoned unless they sit for ~ how long? a month? two months? ~ without being touched.

New Sock Yarn on Order

Just ordered some new sock yarn ~ I’m excited! Also getting some linen and linen/cotton blend from the same company. Not sure when they will be in but hopefully by the end of February.

Didn’t get much done this past week; two trips to the airport in less than a week and out of town company. We did spend some time exploring though and found a really nice museum in Baxter Springs with some of the best Civil War exhibits I’ve seen. Ok, I’m headed back to my “catching up”; I’m behind on a ton of stuff.

Polls? Who Said Polls? They can be fun.

I’ve added some polls on their own page to help me get to know my readers. I first thought of doing a full survey then decided a series of polls where everyone can see the responses would be more fun.

As the second anniversary of the shop approaches, I’m trying to think of ways to better meet the needs of the community and welcome suggestions in the comment section of this or any other page. If you don’t wish your comment made public, say so and I’ll keep it just between us.

Page Updates!

Events page has been updated, please take a few minutes to check it out. Classes page will be updated shortly to add March offerings.

HiyaHiya Interchangeable Knitting Needles

Yesterday I talked to the good people who distribute HiyaHiya knitting needles in the U.S. and am now accepting pre-orders for these stainless steel needles (see pic below), which are in production and expected to ship in April.  These sets come in two sizes:  Small Needles — tip sizes from U.S. 2 through U.S. 8 and Large Needles — tip sizes U.S. 9 through U.S. 15.  Each set includes 4 cables, to make needles in the lengths of 16″, 24″, 32″ and 40″.  [Note: the smallest tips in most competing sets are size 4 and the shortest length is usually 24″.]  A brocade case is included with each set.  These needles feature keyless screw on connections and swivel cables.  

Suggested retail for these needles is in the range of $70-$75 per set; come into the shop to pre-order through March 31 at $60.00 per set (plus the governor’s share).  Let me help you with the math on that.  The “collection”, two sets, includes 13 sets of tips and 8 cables, the equivalent of 52 circular needles AND 2 brocade cases for $120.00 if pre-ordered.  $120 divided by 52 = $2.31 per needle with a free case.  If you mostly use sizes 2 through 8, the small set at $60 pre-order price gives you 7 sets of tips, 4 cables, and one brocade case or 28 circular needles at $2.14 per needle with a free case.  Individual tips will also be available and all tips will fit all cables. 

Prefer bamboo tips to stainless steel?  Hold the phone:  they are in development but a production/ship date is not yet available.

HiyaHiya Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set

HiyaHiya Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set

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